On camera work can help with confidence building and improved social skills. It provides youth an opportunity to express themselves and understand their own voices. We live in a visual world today and it is important for young people to learn how to present themselves

in front of a camera, where they can discover their strengths and work on their weaknesses.

They will gain an understanding of what filmmaking involves and observe industry professionals and professional equipment. Learning the tools of the trade, sound capture, setup, clapboards, a chance to view the scenes through the lens of the camera, and see what the camera operator and director sees. They will discover what happens during actual productions, exposing them to various career opportunities in the film industry.

Through weekend and summer workshops geared to teach kids through a fun learning environment, they will learn about the cinematic production process from start to finish. Practice through script reading and expression activities, and have hands-on with behind the scenes equipment encouraging future filmmakers. With

a focus on both narrative storytelling and documentary based stories, they will have a chance to engage in the acting and production of creative visual entertainment stories. Documentary films also play an important role in educating our youth, exposing them to new ideas, new places, and the stories and experiences of others.

All Kids 'N Film projects will be youth-driven and tackle social issues and concerns, leaving the viewers with a thoughtful, positive message.

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