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"Akesi and the secrets of the forest"

Saïd Abitar, Curt Fortin, Directors 
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Featuring a Special Performance by
12-Year-Old, Youth Activist, Myla J.

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Vallejo, Solano County, California 

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Celebrating Both Youth Actors and Filmmakers,

The International KidsNFilm Festival 

Offers a forum for Young Talents

To showcase their work and creativity.  


We welcome films that are fun, positive, entertaining, thought-provoking, and inspirational, including diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. Films submitted must be for a youth audience and family-friendly. Films are chosen by a jury combined with youth, educators, and filmmakers, rating all entries on entertainment value, originality, acting ability, production value, and the message conveyed.


Selected youth filmmakers and actors from around the globe have the opportunity to have their films screened, connect, and interact with peers in attendance. It is an opportunity to talk about challenges, techniques, goals, or simply the fun experienced during the filmmaking process. It is your time to shine, inspire, and show off your work whether in front or behind the camera to California’s North Bay area community.


       Welcome to the 2023 Season!
KidsNFilm Multimedia


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